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Jul. 26th, 2005 | 06:07 pm
mood: sick sick
music: Garnet // D'espairsRay

Sadly, no graphics yet. I'm almost finished with the first series of shounen-ai & yaoi icons I've been working on, on and off for about a week. Heh, mostly off, unfortunately.

I joined yaoi_daily with dirge0fcerberus, so I actually have access to more yaoi & shounen ai than I thought was livejournally possible. So there will probably be a couple sets of these icons.

Hrm. Any requests? ...with anubis_in_drag left behind, I don't...well, I don't actually remember anything as far as requests go. I've had a really really tough couple weeks, even if I haven't been talking about it...so I just haven't been paying attention to that kind of thing.

Coming up...not gonna say when, because I know plans would get shot in the ass. -_-; Anyway. Yes. Coming soon:

-Yaoi & shounen ai-cons.
-Colour bars

If anyone wants to request something, just leave a comment. ^^ *watches as the number remains 0* Yesh. Now I go to make graphics. MWA HA HA.

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From: iyokuhosoidesu
Date: Jul. 27th, 2005 04:42 am (UTC)

I want an icon... with a Ai doll...a cute one. I dunno what I'm talkin about. sorry i couldn't call u today...maybe i'll get a chance to tmorrow...maybe I'll finish writing that other story....maybe i'll take a nap first tho.

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yazoo's icon journal

From: former_turk
Date: Jul. 30th, 2005 04:50 am (UTC)

:D Do you have any doll in particular you would want it of?? Any sort of style of icon you're looking for? Want it to "match" your layout, or want something entirely unique...or other things my brain can't process right now? Or...want me to just go with it? XD

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