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Advent Children icons: Reno,Yazoo, & Kadaj

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Nov. 29th, 2005 | 08:30 pm
mood: thirsty thirsty
music: Just Close Your Eyes [Christian's Theme] / Waterproof Blonde

Okay! I've spent the last two days making Advent Children icons. ^^ It was really just an experiment with textures- all made by the fabulous colorfilter! ^_^ I also got some new brushes from icon_extras earlier & used them on one or two of them. There's no particular style that I tried to stick with, so it's kind of an odd looking post. XD

So! 4 Reno, 4 Kadaj, and 4 of the beautiful Yazoo!





Usual rules, yeah?
1. Take
2. Comment? Pleeease? ^_^
3. Credit. *pleads* I spent a lot of time making these things...since I'm not really that great. But it was at least a great learning experience! :D
4. Yay!!!

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From: dirge0fcerberus
Date: Nov. 30th, 2005 03:07 am (UTC)

:D Thanks, twinness!! ♥

...whoa, are you serious? I was just kind of sitting there, and Yazoo looked disenchanted in that screen cap, so I was like...yeah, I like that word. And I decided to add angel in there...because it just kind of came to me. XD;

*cries* I want Apeth to be here now!!! *throws a childish fit*

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